Alytus District Art and Sport School was founded in 1978. In 2018 the school celebrate its 40th unniversary. It is an informal education institution that currently has 270 students. Currently the school employs 19 teachers.. Our school focuses on the elementary and primary programmes of  visual arts, music and sport disciplines.

Students that choose to study visual arts are able to learn drawing, painting, crafts. Students from music department can learn to play violin, piano, guitar, zither, accordion. Sport department provides judo, athletics, rowing, basketball and football trainings.

Alytus District Art and Sport School has rowing base that provides accommodation, entertainment and recreation services. The rowing base is situated by the lake and  has 11 double-bedded, 3 single rooms, 2 conference halls, sauna, basketball court, voleyball court, playground, beach.  It is possible to accommodate 50 people when doing some cultural, arts and sports projects.